My Weather

For this project, I wanted to dive into different user experience scenarios for a fictional weather app using an open API for real-time weather data. My goal was to create personalized experiences for different users, making the most out of the data available. By playing around with various design approaches and ways of presenting the data, I aimed to find the right mix of functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness.

The Aesthetic

For this first version, I envisioned a beauty brand aiming to go the extra mile in engaging with their customers. It's designed for younger people who care about their skin and regularly use lotions and skincare products. Instead of just displaying numbers, the idea was to provide relevant guidance based on key weather conditions that can affect the skin.

The Explorer

The goal in this scenario was to see how much data could be provided to users while still keeping an user friendly interface. The app aims to give users actionable weather data for them to make informed decisions about their daily activities or long-term plans.

The Conceptual

In this approach, I aimed to create something more artistic and less functional. I pictured a video wall projection for an exhibition, where the data would change over time, offering a unique experience depending on the day; being playful with the color scales to create different atmospheres.

My mission is to enhance human interactions through design. This is what drives me in my way to improve people's lives and experiences.