Jumble let you host online pair programming sessions to collaborate live with other developers. This project was part of an acceleration programme by EOI Foundation. My role on this project included conceptualization, market analysis, interviews, prototyping, UX and UI design, and front-end development of the landing page and app components.

The gap

We wanted to address common issues faced by tech companies: employees with varying levels of technical expertise, the lack cohesive teamwork, poor communication between teams, and critical knowledge being concentrated in a single individual, which creates knowledge gaps and long-term challenges.

The goal

The vision was to create a community to engage with other developers and solve problems better, and to find each other not because of geographical proximity but because they are the right people in the right place. Jumble lets you host sessions to collaborate live with other developers in a project you have, and participate in sessions hosted by other developers to collaborate and contribute.

A 4 month process

During this period, we worked hard to transform a basic idea into a fully functional MVP that we're proud of. We developed detailed business plans and had in-depth conversations with potential customers. We were flexible enough to pivot when necessary, trying out different approaches to tackle the problem. This whole accelerator process wasn't just about creating a product; it was about refining our skills and learning from every step.

My mission is to enhance human interactions through design. This is what drives me in my way to improve people's lives and experiences.