B-MURALS is an Urban Art Museum with a community driven and educational approach organizing art residencies, exhibitions, events, private projects and workshops. They contacted us to help them materialize all their intentions, energy and ideas into a strong, recognizable and contemporary brand.

A mission

As part of the rebranding, one of the goals was to bring new audiences into the urban art world. Many people still looks down on urban art and they don't connect it with "regular art" because it’s “dirtying” a wall, and is heavily associated with vandalism. We want to separate mural art from vandalism, thus achieving recognition as a top reference center in Barcelona and Spain.


In the first 3 months we helped B-MURALS kickstart their project by generating a compelling brand to position them in the “market”, an easy to use web/ecommerce, along with a social media strategy. The social media strategy captured 1k followers in the first 2 weeks of life. The account is sitting now at 10.5k growing at an average of 120 followers per month. This project presented different challenges, specially on budget, but we managed to solve this by using no-code solutions like Squarespace to build the store and calendar.

My mission is to enhance human interactions through design. This is what drives me in my way to improve people's lives and experiences.